Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another ride home!

Rode home on Tuesday night, pretty uneventful just a nice 48 mile ride. Took a bit of a new route home, saw a few new roads. The best thing about this part of Wisconsin is, almost all the roads are paved. I think that I have seen only one dirt road up here (in the year and a half of living in Wisconsin).

Wisconsin Farmstead.

Lots of nice roads to ride.

Same as above!

Yup still a geek!
The way cool dudes @ Saris tell me that by this fall I will only need the Garmin 705.
A Firm wire upgrade will let the powertap talk with the garmin.
Then I can be like the Garmin/Chipotle team
Don't you just love technology!

Peace and Grease!


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Sean Weide said...


Thanks for stopping by the YD Cafe. I got a laugh out of your comment about my pedals. I got those things in 1987 - first set of clipless pedals sold in Nebraska! At least I have a carbon fiber bike... the 1987 Schwinn circuit went away about five years ago.

Good to see you're still riding, too!