Sunday, August 24, 2008

I guess I had better post something!

Well its been almost 2 months. I haven't gotten of the bike just been busy. Went to Longmont CO. right after the 4th of July. Got to see the new line for 2009. Some really cool stuff coming.
You may have saw the Bronze medal winner on a new S3 Cervelo.

That nothing to what will be revealed at Interbike. All I can say is FAST!!

As for my ridding Tyson, Craig and I got in a 40 mile ride today in New Galrus.
Lots of hills at a easy pace. The route that we had planed out had to be altered due to road construction. No big deal, almost every road is paved and its all good. Each new road is a great ride.

The weather is starting to cool off up here and that means Fall will soon be here.

I hope that everyone is getting in some miles and all is well on the road!

Till next time.

Peace and Grease!

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