Friday, June 20, 2008

So I'm a geek!!

I got a new toy! Like a Garmin 705 isn't enough I have a Power tap now. Good news is Garmin and Power tap are starting to play nice.(Garmin is now a title sponsor for Slipstream)
So with a little luck....

My handlebar won't look like this for long!

The light will need to stay, but the Power tap head soon will go.
A whole lot of information in one small package. The garmin is a cool unit. With the mini SD chip I can find even more roads to ride. Import courses from that are easy to follow (I can't get lost if I try).

On to other news, Flooding! Yes we live on the rock river. Not close but it criss crosses through Janesville quite a few times. The river is to crest Saturday sometime.
Sunday I went for a little ride and these are the picture's that I took. the river is foot higher now!

This is Main St. Down town Janesville.

Better news. I rode home from work Tuesday night, and back to work Thursday morning.
Beautiful ride both ways. Had a good chance to play with the Power tap. I don't know what it is telling me, other then I a weak, weak cyclist.

Ahhh Wisconsin in the morning! You don"t know what your missing!!

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bryan said...

see, that's why I don't have a Power Tap. I don't need to know how weak I am.