Sunday, June 08, 2008

Anything going on?

We are getting a lot of rain in the Land of Cheese! 24 hours record for rainfall fell yesterday. 2.23 inches . Thats a lot of water! Tornadoes, high winds and floods! That what we got.

Coming home from work yesterday a big tree branch fell into the middle of the highway! Some ass hat thought it would be a good idea to drive around the branch thru the ditch on the wrong side of the highway. Problem was that there was a sharp drop off on the other side and he, his wife and kids got high-centered in there nice new SUV. I don't know if I felt sorry for the wife and kids for having a dumb ass husband, Or for the husband getting ripped a new one from his wife. I guess it was a toss up, they deserve each other! The kids don't stand a chance!

I stopped to move the branch out of the highway, two other guys stopped as well. It took all three of us to move one of the big branches. The whole time cars flying by like there was nothing going on. Should of left the branch in the road! "Assholes"!!

Anyway we got the road cleared and I headed home.

That was my day.

Not getting in any bike commuting in. Just driving, $4.00 per gallon gas got to love it!

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