Saturday, May 24, 2008

This one goes to 11!

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Well from many insiders and other sources, we have learned and will tell you for 2009 Campagnolo will release a 11 speed groupsets.

Super Record, Record and Chorus will now be 11 speed.
None of the 11 speed stuff is backwards compatible either!
The chain has been reduced to 5.5mm, and the 11 sprockets fit in the same space that 10 once did.

Yes, Super record is back with Ceramic bushing in the RD and Ceramic bearings among other spots.
Everything is new except the brakes and minor aesthetic changes to the cranks.

Now if the rumors are true 2009 is yet another year of who can one up whom.
IMO Campagnolo took a huge step back with QS. The pros didn't like it and neither did the consumers. Is this there way of trying to dig their way out of a deep hole or is it just pulling the dirt in on top of them?

What ever the case may be Shimano and SRAM are going to 11.
SRAM will have the easiest time, there Red group is a year old and can be changed by 2010 if they decide it's in there best interest.

Shimano has yet to officially introduced there new DA 7900. Will that leave them out in the cold? Not likely! Campy went to 10 speed a few years before Shimano. It didn't hurt them then and I don't think it will hurt them now.

I'm sure that more things will come out soon. The news blackout on Shimano is to be lifted June 1st. And who knows what else they will come up with.

Till then.....

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