Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No more snow!

First we get a little snow thats not to bad.
Then the cold snap. Short but painful!

Then more snow...
And more snow...

I'm tired of this crap it can leave anytime 16-20" is to much.
Go away and don't come back!


mrstinky said...

Dude, I feel your was like 50 here today. How much does that suck?

Grumpy said...

Below me! We official received 21.5"
Of show in the last 36 hours! Wisconsin average show fall for the season is 36" we have 73"
with more on the way! I'm tired of this white stuff!
Thanks for coming aboard. We need some picture of your frigged 50 degree weather. So we can feel your pain.

Ron said...

We got 10 inches yesterday here in Buffalo. Badd.. just when I wanted to to take my fixie out.. :(