Saturday, May 06, 2006

Team Kit for 2007

I have been using my powers for good and not Evil for once. Working with the list of company's that want us to ride there products next year and. I thought I would put out some of the options that we have. Please let me know what you think so I can get a feel for what products we want and the bikes we want.
Cervelo is pushing hard for us to ride there new R 3 custom. It is there feeling that they are not getting enough press for the Euro pros that are riding them. I guess only time will tell.
Greg is super pumped for us to ride his new steed as has been pressuring us to add him to the team. However his past performance has shown that he is not Dual Threat material. However I did explain to him that we would revisit the it at another time.
And then we have Garmin, The Kansas people will not give up. They want us all to use there new product ASAP.
I'll keep you all up to Date.


miah said...

I think LeMond is perfect dual threat Look at the size of him, he could be the captain.

Grumpy old biker said...

Dude he set goals and met them! Not Dual Threat material! Past history he is accountable!

capn cowbell said...

How about Bob Rolls. Yes he set goals once. But with the chops he used to have, he could be considered. One other is the real Bontrager. After all someone that cool may be convinced to bring out the real goods.

speedomodel said...

Sweet! This kit is free for team members, right?