Saturday, April 29, 2006

Team Member list.

Here is the list of Dual Threats members that I have, and that I have jersey orders for. If your name in not on this list please let me know so we can get you a jersey order in before its to late. I can add to the order (I think till next week). Also if you would like to post on the blog e-mail me.
So let me know.

Bob Wieks
Todd Resnechek
Mark Seversen
Lowell Petersen
Jeff Michael
Jimmy Oliver
Fred Hinsley
Jason Wicken
Aaron Bulshaw
Steve Jarrett
Mark Hanner
Greg Pascatch
James Swanson
Patrick Brennen
Rick Thompson
Dan Haskins
Andrew Griffith
Ray Anderson
Rich Vargas
Pat Farrell
Chris Farrell
Mark Goforth
Mike Owens
Frank Olson


1eye said...

hey scott what color are the jerseys sorry I forgot

Grumpy old biker said...

Charcoal and white

Pb jr. said...

That's it! I'm done training! TDT Here I come! You can't pass up charcoal and white...