Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just wait 24 hours!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday the high in Madison was 55, today we awoke to 28 degrees,  20 minutes later it started to snow. Needless to say 28 was the high for the day. Made it to work scooped the sidewalk for the first time. 3 hours later did it again. And at 4:30 did it one last time. By the time o left for home, (45 minutes early) I would guess we had about 6" or more on the ground.
The drive home was when the fun really started. This is Wisconsin we are supposed to be able to drive in the snow. We shouldn't need to relearn this after every snow storm, should we!?! But I guess it has been a long time.
Few rules to remember:

Put the cell phone down!
Slow down, you don't want to stop, but slow down!
Look ahead, plan where you want to be before you need to be there.
Don't tailgate!
Four wheel drive is not FOUR WHEEL STOP!

OK, now i'm done.

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