Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year.

I think I had about 4 last rides of the year in 2011. Each time it was thought that the weather couldn't hold out. And each time I was proven wrong, which is acceptable. Yesterday was the last "last ride of the year"!
It wasn't a big ride, all my last rides have been less then 25 miles. Yesterdays ride was 18.5. Cold, temps around 32 degrees, and a brisk south wind. Stayed on the bike path, the trees protected us from the wind. Near the end of the path we hooked up with an unwanted riding buddy. A stray dog decided to join us. Friendly pup, and fast! We tried to drop him a few times but his form was better then ours. So we used an old trick that I use to use in grade school. Stopped, looked at his collar and called his Mom! After a 15-20 minutes wait she arrived and took him home.  
We headed back home, and ended my 2011 biking. Not bad for New Years eve in Wisconsin.

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