Saturday, August 22, 2009

The best ride of the year.

A great day for a bike ride, I plotted a course on the garmin, and for the first time ever I followed it. The big purple line tells me where to go.
Smooth pavement along the Rock River. Replaced last year after all the flooding.
I guess its tobacco harvesting time in Wisconsin. Its just a odd thing to see up here.
More tobacco, North of Janesville there is a lot of it.
What will this road lead to?
Good thing I'm on a bike!
Nice view, but I know why the bridge is closed.
A look back at the bridge.
This is whats on the other side.
Not a good sign. Just glad that it wasn't for the road that I was on.
More smooth roads with rolling hills.
I like this sigh, I just wish I was going the other way. 13% ahead with 41 miles in my legs. Yup you guessed it HURT BOX!
And the hurt just kept coming. This was the first of five or six short steep hills. I need to plan better!
Speaking of planing better next time I plan a 60 mile ride I'm going to plan for a water stop or two. Running out, Not a good Idea! But this was still the best ride that I have had in a long time. LOVE the Wisconsin Roads!

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