Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Potters Pasture!

So I was surfing the web the other day, I see that the FFL have a post for the Paxton peleton, I think hey, I use to ride around there, lets take a look.
Its a nice blog, I can see the power plant in the background of some of the pictures. I wonder if I know this guy? Lets check out his profile.
To small of a picture lets check out his other stuff.

WTF Potter's Pasture MTB blog are you kidding me? I gota see this! And there it was Potter's Pasture.

Now for those of you who don't know and for the others who don't care. I was there at the start. P. Stephen Potter the man the myth the Legend! Is the owner and name sake of Potter's Pasture.

This is some of the best off road riding in Nebraska if not the BEST! And its free. (as long as you don't add up the cost of gas to get there)!

Exit 99 off I 80 south to Brady Moorefield road, turn right follow till the pavement ends. Its been awhile but I think its about 1 mile past the end of the pavement and the entrance is a gate on the left. Look down the valley and you will see a rustic camp ground. Unload your bike and start riding. The map above and the cow path's guide the way.

The last time I was there Potter had more land and had added twice as many trails that were there in 97.

With all the good memory's that Potters pasture blog brought up I started looking for pictures that I know that I have. So far I only have found a few. But I will keep looking. I did find a Video tape that the local TV station did on the Pasture. If I can transfer that to digital I'll get it posted.

The new news is The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo for 2009. Looks like a lot of fun. Check the link from time to time and see how thing progress.

Till next time.

Peace and Grease..


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CQ said...

Hey bro !! Thanks for the link up on your site !! I have to add some new stuff to the map so the "grand loop" is on there. Llama and I have been doin some splorin and we hope to have a 15 or more mile loop layed out for all who show up to ride. The map as you have posted it will total around 31 mile if you ride all of it. Its tough for 2-4 people to keep it all in shape so some is pretty rough and a challenge. Lokkin forward to hittin the trails with you and whoever ya get to tag along!!