Friday, April 11, 2008

And I thought they were just making room for Lance!

Trek is suing Greg! Greg is suing Trek! And in my thinking, well they need to make some room for the 2009 introduction of Trek's newest division,

The Lance Armstrong bicycle company.

The Lance Armstrong bicycle company is going to happen.

And for me this was just the next step.

And then yesterday I read this on

Trek to Reintroduce Klein in U.S.

I stopped drinking the Trek Kool-aid a few years ago. And haven't thought about Klein for longer then that. But when did Trek stop making Klein's?

I guess I thought they were just letting it die a slow death!

And has Trek devalued Klein enough so that people will want to buy them again?

IMO if Trek wants to make another big splash they have 2 options.

1. Start making Armstrong bikes.

2. Introduce Keith Bontrager Custom Steel & Ti Mountain bike frames. Sell them under the Project one banner. One off hand built frames, price them so high that every single-speed rider will sell his daughter for one.

And as for LeMond?

Pacific adds another Name to their IBD brand?

Just my thoughts.

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BLUEIF said...

I thought you could get a Klein in the US if the shop bought at least 50K worth. From what I hear they are huge in Japan.
Trek is real good about bleeding some people and their ideas ie new madone heaset and bb design.

"cannonmond" sounds kinda funny, it may work.

How much stock does Stretch Armstrong have in Trek?
Maybe we will see some bikes, you may be right.