Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday in Wisconsin

Still some snow! But it's going by by!

Adam and Mike road out with DH.

Went for a little ride with DH on Sunday. I was proud of myself.
DH however opened up a large can of whip Ass!!

The difference between DH and Myself.

  • I drove to New Glarus 45 miles
  • DH Rode there *30-35ish miles
  • I was the last up every hill
  • DH was the 1st or 2nd
  • I was tired after 31 miles of being pulled around
  • DH turned down the offer to get a ride and rode back to Madison, Ya another 30-35ish miles
So DH is the man and I'm Well lets say I'm just old!

We had a good ride there were 6 all together. And one of the guys that rode out with DH rode a Single speed with a 42X16! And we rode a lot of hills, and yes he was the one that beat DH up the hills.

*due to weight issue DH doesn't use a computer

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