Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter in Wisconsin

One of the big candidates is in town today. Bikerack Obama! And man are the cops out in force.
Went to do some Honey-do's and State Patrol car's marked and unmarked were everywhere. We get the honer of a primary next Tuesday. With a little luck Bikerack will take Wisconsin!

Other then Obama being in town things are about the same. Yup you guessed it Snow, and more on the way. The up side is that when you think it warming up, you look at the temp and it's 12 deg. I guess you know that its been a cold winter.

Heading up to frostbike on Friday I hope I can get some pictures of some of the new stuff to post. With some luck I'll hook up with Blueif and Turbo and buy them a beer or 10. I think we should try to find some Surly beer? What do you think?

If anyone is getting a chance to ride let us know. I talk to my Dad in Kansas Sunday and it's was dry and 40 degrees. Maybe the boys from McCook are getting in some miles?

Till next time...

Peace and Grease,


Turbo said...

Surely Surly will do! I'll be there Fri evening.

Grumpy said...

You coming by yourself or with someone? First one's on me!!

BLUEIF said...

I've gotta stay in town and work.
:{ Load turbo up...
We keep missing each other.