Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frostbike..Cutting out early

Not a lot to talk about at Frostbike. The only a few new cool things. First was the new Garmin 705 Got to touch it! Looks way cool, new and updated from the 305. We will see how they sell.
The other cool thing was the new Zipp/Power-tap disc wheel.
No pictures.. Sorry weather was turning to crap and I don't hang around to ask a lot of questions.

Left Minneapolis around 3:00 pm got home about 9:00.

Did get to see Turbo, not for long he had to head back to Omaha to beat the weather as well.
Spent some time with Dave and Dale from Bike Masters and Doug from the rack.
Ran into Mod from Trek Omaha and he had War Axe Sam with him. I guess they were on a little vacation in the Minnie city.

And yes the weather is total crap today, rain all morning and now snow. Looks like 6-12 more inches. The weather channel is talking about a seasonal total of over 90 inches... Give me a brake The most before this year was 76.3.
I guess that after this winter we should be clear for the next 100 years, Right?

Well if you can ride, RIDE if you can't Dream!!


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