Monday, April 23, 2007

Pictures from Oregon

I did 35 miles today w/ a lot of hills.
Had to cross a river by ferry at one point. The river was at about 80ft. above sea level and I finished the climb at about 780 ft.
Great day in the high 60's with a lot of sun.


Grumpy said...

That is some sweet riding! Looks nice and Green! I guess that's what you get when you live where it rains all the time.
With some luck I'll have something to post tomorrow.

Matt N said...


how is life treating you up there?

Oregon Threat said...

Life is good! Lots of hills and mountains to ride on. You can't go more than a 100 meters in this state on a level serface. Everything is up or down. Hit 48 mph on a decent today so the pain is worth it. How is life in Omaha?